Craft Beard™ Daily Routine Kit

Craft Beard™ Daily Routine Kit

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Our all natural Daily Routine Kit provides daily beard and skin maintenance and is perfect for travel and self-care restoration. Everything you need to keep your skin and beard healthy, moisturized and smelling good. Included in the kit is a 1-month supply of the full collection:

  • Craft Beard™ Beard Wash
  • Craft Beard™ Beard Bar
  • Craft Beard™ Beard Conditioner
  • Craft Beard™ Beard Oil
  • Craft Beard™ Beard Balm
  • Craft Beard™ Anti-Ash Cream
  • Craft Beard™ Travel Tin Candle
  • Craft Beard™ Face Towel

Apply balm and oil to damp beard daily for maintenance and use full kit 2-3 times per week to keep your mane looking it's best. 

SCENT PROFILE: Available in Turbinado & Tobacco and BOM (Blood Orange Myrrh) fragrances.

Turbinado and Tobacco - A pleasant blend of sweet and dark Turbinado grain sugar and earthy field tobacco with subtle notes of cherry and pear. A masculine aroma that lasts but doesn't overpower.

BOM (Blood Orange Myrrh) - Citrusy melody of grapefruit, orange peel, lemon peel, lemon, and mandarin enhance the juicy orange aroma and give way to vetiver and cedar green undertones. Additional notes of bergamot and amber open up to a heart of resinous myrrh and frankincense. 

USE: See individual product descriptions.