The Manual

  • Hydration: The Key to Growing a Full and Healthy Beard

    Growing a full and healthy beard is not just a matter of letting the hair grow out. It requires care and attention, just like the hair on your head. One of the most important factors for a healthy beard is hydration. Drinking enough water is a simple and effective way to keep your beard looking and feeling healthy.
  • The Cultural Significance of Black Men's Beards

    Beards have been a part of many African and Carribean cultures for centuries. In many of those societies, beards were seen as a symbol of wisdom and strength. It was believed that men who were able to grow full beards were blessed with greater strength and virility. This belief was based on the idea that hair, including facial hair, was a symbol of life force.
  • Protect Ya Neck: Winter Beard Care for Black Men

    Taking care of your beard during the winter months is essential for maintaining its health, style, and vibrancy. Black men need to be particularly mindful of their beard care during this time of year, as their hair and skin have unique needs.